Always Improving

When Tess was going live in 2014, we were extremely proud of the solution we had built. Like most companies, we built a home page to help us market Tess to new clients. But we spent most of our time building Tess, not on building our website.

Tess was quickly successful, so our focus shifted to bringing new clients onto Tess, supporting those clients, and adding new features.

Fast-forward a couple of years and we have seen Tess continue to grow...and our home page remain unchanged.

But Tess is not about standing still and becoming outdated. We pride ourselves on our constant improvement and growth of our solutions, and it is important that our website reflects that drive. If you have been using Tess for a while, you know that we are constantly adding new features, increasing its value to our clients and helping them to be more efficient. Recently we have added automation, resort data, and email template builders - just to name a few things.

Here at Travel eSolutions, we do not have a big office or a large team. We are a small group, dedicated to building the best travel agent focused systems in the world. We reinvest everything back into growing the system and making it better. We have a culture of growth and improvement and are always looking for ways to make Tess better, so that Tess can help you grow your business. Tess very literally is not successful unless you are successful.

We are very proud of what we have built with Tess, but we are also very excited about new features that we will be telling you about very soon. There are big things still to come in 2016, and 2017 is going to be packed with new features!

Today our website starts to reflect the constant improvement that we pour into our products, and like our products it will continue to grow. Training, documentation, and support will all be easily accessible and updated. Release notes and road maps for future changes will be available soon.

With this update, we are also introducing new marketing for Tess: Simpler, Smarter, Everywhere. These three words summarize what we strive to accomplish with Tess, creating an easy to use system that gives you the data you need, when and where you need it. We will talk more about this focus in a future post.

We will also be regularly updating this Blog area with information on the company, our products, and the market. We welcome your feedback and ideas! Please feel free to contact me directly at, or talk to us through our FaceBook page at

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