Agent Information

Host agencies have unique needs. Managing employees and contractors. Helping with marketing. And most importantly, ensuring that agents are paid quickly and accurately.

Tess can help you do all of this and more!

Tess is dedicated to providing "The Agent"" with the very best software to help them run their business. At the same time, Tess provides Agencies and Hosts with the tools they need to support agents and perform all back office duties required. Tess will replace ClientBase, Trams, and 3rd party tools you use for reporting or integration. Tess provides a solution for any size host whether you have a few agents or thousands.

Scaled pricing is available bases on size. Contact for more information.

Travel eSolutions can also help with custom integration, development, and hosting of many different types of systems. We can integrate with your WordPress database or we can develop and host a custom website.

Tess can:

  • Provide your agents and sub-contractors a CRM to manage clients, trips and bookings
  • Manage internal staff, agents, and contractors with sub-agents in one place
  • Manage commission rates
  • Track trips and bookings while managing commissions due, adjustments, unclaimed bookings, COOP, bonus, and other income for the back-office and agent
  • Pay one agent or all agents with the touch of a button
  • An integrated Properties database of over 250,000 properties and cruise lines allowing you to maintain metrics on where you send clients, providing agents with easy to use data and photos, and maps
  • Complete vendor management with sales metrics, contact information and private links
  • Standard and custom reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis or use in other Office products