Trip Management

The most important thing a travel agent does for their client is book a trip. Tess will help you do that. As soon as you start talking to a client, you can start building out their trip. Even if they change their mind, Tess will keep this data available so you can reference it later and use it to improve your marketing.


The trip menu above shows the basic things you can do with your trips.

  • From first contact with a client, a trip is started
  • Add notes about each contact with the client that you can reference anytime you need them
  • Upload documents like proposal, confirmations, electronic documents - backed up, secure, and available from anywhere
  • Track bookings made with the wholesaler (land, excursions, travel insurance, etc)
  • Send client Invoices and maintain an Invoice History - with your own custom Invoice template
  • Add details to Invoice like Itinerary, Flight Information, Security
  • Add Tasks so you remember to follow up on payments or book time sensitive details like meals and park passes
  • The Timeline gives a complete audit trail of when the different events took place

Client Information

Client Information
  • General Client Information
  • Details include telephone, emails, reward programs, special dates, and client referrals
  • Maintain passport information
  • Tracking allows adding relationships to other clients and spending habits of client and family
  • Trips is a list of all trips that include this client


  • Your personal Dashboard shows your client's upcoming and in progress trips so you know what is happening right now
  • My Tasks Due tells you what your most important issues are today
  • The Sales Graph shows all bookings based on booking date so you always know how your business is doing
  • Commissions Received shows all commissons received by month to help you manage your cash flow at a glance


There are three basic reports important to running a travel business:
  • Projected Income: Do you know how much money you expect to make next month? This cash flow report that shows you the commission you should receive based on travel dates
  • Commission Earned: Are you spending your time on the bookings that are most profitable for you? The Sales report lists each booking package price monthly based on booking date.
  • Past Due: Have you been paid for all of your bookings? Quickly see your bookings that you have not received payment on based on the travel date.
  • Charts: Pie charts of booking by Tour Operator and Trips by Country.


Tess allows the agent to enter commission recieved and match those commission checks to the bookings entered.
  • Received: Record the commission check you receive from the wholesaler. From the statement you receive each booking will be associated to the check.
  • Paid: If you have sub-agents working for you each time you pay them will be listed here.
  • Due: If you pay agents or sub-agents
  • Adjustments: Allows you to charge a agent or pay agent not associated to a booking

Client Emails

Client Emails
  • A state of the art Email Template Builder is provided to build email templates
  • Travel template is setup on the trip for each traveler
  • Welcome home email is setup for each traveler in the trip
  • Email triggers are setup throughout the application to send email templates


The data from Tess can be used for Metric like your bookings by Tour Operator or Trips by Country.