Tess is dedicated to providing "The Agent" the very best software to help them run their business. At the same time it provides Agencies and Host with the tools they need to manage agents and perform all back office duties required. Tess will replace Client Base, Trams, and any 3rd party tools you might be using for reporting or integration of the two.

Managing Your Agents

Tess provides you all of the information in one location to support your agents.

Agent Information
  • General User information
  • Contact Details allows you and the agent to add email, fax, and telephone information
  • User commission: you set the commission rate with an effective date
  • Send user account details and send a password request
  • Add notes each time you have interaction with user. Only admins can see the notes
  • See any help desk ticket the user has submitted
  • If the agent is a sub contractor you can see the company they are associated with
  • Banking information this is used if you setup ACH payments for payroll

Paying Agents

Tess allows you to pay all of your agents at the touch of a button. If you have agents that are internal or external contractors it is easy to pay them all.

Checks Due
  • Look at or pay any idividual agent
  • Pay all agents at the touch of a button
  • Export Agent Due report at anytime
  • Put any Agent check due on hold for this payroll period
  • Remove any booking from Agent check on the fly
  • Once payroll is done download checks paid report and ACH export if needed
  • Agents have MyNextCheck so they can see what they will be getting in their next paycheck
  • Once an Agents gets paid if they owe a sub agent they just click on Agent Due

Unclaimed Bookings

Unclaimed bookings allow the commission group to reconcile a check when bookings are not in the system. If the booking is not in the system a simple booking form is used to add the booking information. Below is a list of the unclaimed bookings. Once an agent enters the booking then it can be linked to the unclaimed. This attaches the payment information to the booking the agent entered.

Unclaimed Bookings


Tess collects a lot of data that enables the agency to manage their agents, relationships with vendors, properties, cruise lines and more. Standard reports are provided and custom reports all the user to download in excel any data. Graphs with metrics are available for a graphical view of the data.

Sales Goals