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Have you met Tess?

Tess, by Travel eSolutions, is an online application completely dedicated to helping travel agents and agencies become more efficient and accurate. Whether you are a large host agency or a single agent Tess will save you time and money.

It all starts with your clients, managed in a custom CRM. You record the trips and bookings that you sell and Tess will help you track the payments you receive from the wholesaler or venue. Tess will calculate the commission through any number of agents and sub-agents to ensure that money is always reconciled.

Tess will completely replace Client Base and Trams regardless of the size of your organization!

Tess contains several feature areas that focus on different aspects of your business.


Trips and Bookings with CRM

  • The heart of the system that tracks trips and bookings while managing commissions, adjustments, unclaimed bookings, COOP, bonus, and other income for the back-office and agent
  • Paying your agents is as simple as pushing a button whether you use a 3rd party service or manual check Tess handles it all for you
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) manages all of your clients including their travel preferences and history.
  • Reports - Projected income, commission earned, past due and more....
  • Metrics on where you send clients and which tour operators you use


  • Bon Voyage emails to your clients
  • Welcome home emails
  • Invoices emailed to our clients

Client Portal

  • Will provide your client with their own portal to the information about their upcoming and past trips they booked with you
  • Clients will have a website with detailed information about their trip along with documents, invoices, travelers, and more - all in real-time.

Agent Website

  • Will provide you or your agents with a dynamic fully responsive website that will work on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Their website will be fully integrated with all of Tess’ features, but can also stand-alone if you do not need those features.

Groups and Destination Weddings

  • Manages group blocks
  • Destination Wedding Website for clients with Booking Wizard

Lead Management & Client Marketing

  • Manage your client list and new leads
  • Email Marketing Campaign

Over 9,000 Agents And Growing!

  • Individual Agents
  • Small and Large Agencies
  • Host Agencies